Glider Chair Finger Hazard
Must Watch!

Protect Your Children Today

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Get Peace Of Mind And Style Your Nursery With A Beautiful
Glider Skirt

Patented Safety Technology

One Size Fits All

Easy to Install

One of a Kind Design

Quality Materials

Washing Machine Safe

People Love Their Glider Skirt

“ We have had our Glider Skirt on for almost a month now and I feel so much safer knowing that there is nothing in my baby’s nursery that can hurt him.! ”

Shannon K, North Carolina

Keep Little Fingers
Safe from Pinching

The patented protective panels,
tucked nicely out of sight, seal off
access to the glider chair’s


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Complete Set (1 Glider Chair Skirt + 1 Ottoman Skirt)


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Glider Skirt Key Features

Patented Safety Technology

Prevent your baby’s little fingers (and sweet pets) from pinching with our protective reinforced panels.

One Size Fits All

Our patented design fits 99% of all traditional glider chairs and ottomans.

Easy to Install

Safety-proof your glider chair and ottoman in no time. Watch a quick installation video here.

One of a Kind Design

Elevate your glider chair and ottoman with a beautiful design you won’t find anywhere else.

Quality Materials

Cozy up with 100% Duck Cotton that is soft to the touch.

Washing Machine Safe

All glider skirts are crafted with quality materials that are built to last and easy to clean.

The first of its kind with patented pinch guards
— to protect your kiddos from pinching their
fingers in your glider chair and ottoman.

Fits Glider Chairs From (…And More)

Why Glider Skirt?

Once you see it, you can’t imagine your glider
chair and baby’s nursery without it.

Glider Skirt Installation

A Glider Chair and ottoman without a
Glider Skirt is not Complete… or safe.

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"We have had our glider skirt on for almost a month. I feel so much safer knowing that (now) there is nothing in my baby's nursery that can hurt him."

Shannon Nicole K.

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