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Combining Safety & Style

The inspiration for the Glider Skirt™ came to the Legbeti family after they learned the hard way that their beloved Glider Chair, although exceedingly cozy and comfortable, was a hazard. It was a problem they decided to fix and spent thousands of hours designing and patenting the original Glider Skirt™. But what started as a safety fix quickly changed when they saw it installed for the first time.

Indeed their patented safeguard technology had eliminated the main danger from the Glider Chair and ottoman as it blocked access to the intricate gliding mechanics of the chair, and kept little fingers safe from pinching.

But what they couldn’t have planned for was just how great this important safety fix would look once installed. It was like their Glider Chair and their nursery got a beautiful makeover. It felt so good to give some love and beauty back to the Glider Chair that held them and their babies each night.

From our Family to Yours,

Amanda & Emmanuel

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